The biggest myth of making it in business is being ‘self made.’

So many get caught up in the lone wolf fantasy and hustling to the top of Everest without guidance or support.  

It’s an exciting concept but seldom translates into anything more than heartache and struggle.

When you study the history books, the heroes were never actually alone. 

There was always a likeminded and dedicated community powering their vision along the way.

From Kings and Queens with entire armies and guidance in every decision. 

To professional athletes who have entire teams to ensure they eat right, make the right PR and financial decisions, to mentors who empower them to be great.

The idea of ‘making it alone’ no longer seems so attractive, when we realise everybody who’s achieved anything worthwhile always had a team.

This is why the heartbeat of the Ultimate Sales Academy, will always be its thriving community.  From business owners with two decades of experience, to the ambitious beginner who’s just starting out. The Ultimate Sales Academy brings together people from all walks of life and four corners of the globe. 

 With one goal in common, to empower and help each other to build a business they love.



One community, more than 10 countries and growing fast:

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • England
  • Poland
  • United States
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Wales
  • Malta
  • Dubai
  • Australia


How quickly would you like to raise your profile?

A part of being a member in a thriving community goes well beyond the support and help you’ll get (and there’s a lot.)

The Ultimate Saes Academy community immediately gives you access to a powerful worldwide network of business owners, coaches and experts in their field.

One unexpected benefit of the community is just how quickly it raises member’s profile.

We’ve had members who’ve sold their products in new countries thanks to member introductions, podcast appearances to entering entirely new markets due to another member seeing the opportunity for someone within the community.

If you have something to offer to the world, the world is likely waiting for you within your membership.


A lot of succeeding in your business (especially sales and marketing) is keeping on track.

When Pete Scott created the Ultimate Sales Academy, he wanted to ensure it put members in a position where they cannot fail.

This is where the high level accountability was born.

From daily accountability sessions, to our member help member buddy up system, there’s more than you’ll ever need to stay on top of your sales and marketing game.


We love to see our members win and this is why every time you make a sale or have a breakthrough in your business, we celebrate with a make it rain post, because who doesn’t like shout “make it rain!”

We also celebrate birthdays and have a member of the month too! 


Our live and in person masterminds are becoming famous for a few reasons:

  1. The game changing content shared on each mastermind
  2. The secret locations (you’ll need to be a member to know more about this)
  3. The experience of a lifetime (in other words, these are far more than training days)

We’re sticking to government guidelines and following social distancing restrictions, but despite this we’re pushing forward and filling up our masterminds faster than ever!

Please note, masterminds are exclusive for Ultimate Sales Academy members and not available to attend separately.

If you want to know more about our next mastermind, then make sure you find out the next step in becoming an Ultimate Sales Academy member.


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