Enquiries to Clients


How many enquiries do you get per month? More to the point, how many enquiries to do get but don’t convert to full paying clients?

If you run a business with a core product of ONLY £500 and just 10 of your enquiries don’t convert in a month, that’s a massive £5000 in lost revenue!

This short course provides straight forward and everyday advice to switch on your enquiry to client strategy.

How many more enquiries will become client’s next month in your business?

"Enquiries to Clients" Course Includes:

  • The diamond in the rough -
    The first thing to know is that you don’t want to convert 100% of your enquiries into clients, but you DO want to convert 100% of the RIGHT enquiries into clients! Pete’s straight forward approach will help you to identify who is the right type potential client versus who might not be the best fit for your business.
  • Why YOUR emotions matter
    Sales is mostly about psychology and this starts right from the enquiry. Too keen, you’ll scare them off, too relaxed and they’ll go elsewhere. In this section Pete will share with you exactly how to keep your cool and win more business.
  • Step by step to YES!
    Your ultimate outcome in sales is to get to YES with as many GREAT clients as possible. The question is though “how do you know if your enquiry is walking towards the all important YES, or if they are walking aimlessly across the hills and taking you with them?” This section you will learn how to recognise signs of a great potential client and red flags of a time waster.