How to Sell to Companies


The opportunity to help companies with your skills has never been bigger than right now.

Do you have a specific problem you could solve for companies?

Have you worked for years to build a skill which could help transform an entire department?

The market for selling to companies has never been so needed, but equally underserved.

You don’t need to be a 7 figure CEO or sold your last company for 10 billion to help companies with your skills.

How to Sell to Companies will give you the quick boost to get you started.

"How to Sell to Companies" Course Includes:

  • Discover your B2B inner sales guru
    Pete will show you why it's easier than you think to sell to companies
  • Make your first sales call
    Sales calls can be scary, Pete will help you eliminate the fear and fill you with sales confidence
  • Win your first corporate client
    Just one client can be worth an entire years salary, Pete will show you how you can make it happen!