Leadership Level 1


Gain an unfair advantage in your industry, by becoming the ultimate sales leader.
  • How would you rate your sales leadership?
  • How will it impact your team’s sales results if you know exactly how to lead, coach and manage your team from a commercial perspective?
  • How many sales do you feel you’re currently losing due to not having a sales leadership plan in place?
When it comes to sales, a team are only as good as their leader.
The good news is that sales leadership can be learnt and studies show, can equally give an increase of sales of over 40%!
The best thing of all, you don’t even need to be anything other than yourself, because great leadership starts with letting your authenticity shine through.
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During this course,  you’ll take a dive into:

  • The leaders mind
  • Recruitment
  • High performance teams
We also discuss:
  • Ethical leadership
  • Authentic leadership
  • Why your clients are also your team
  • Why your team is a perfect reflection of you
  • The aligned leader
  • Why your vibration impacts your entire leadership
  • The importance of coach, leading and managing your team
  • Stepping away from being a technician and stepping up as a leader
  • Interview techniques
  • The big 3 of leadership: Task, team, individual