Master of Influence Vol 1


How would you like to influence a lot more clients to say “yes!”

It’s estimated that we spend 40% of our time trying to influence other people. So this means we’re trying to influence our boss for a pay rise or perhaps we want to persuade our partner to have Chinese instead of going for another curry.

Influencing people/ persuasion is an extremely powerful skill that every professional should master. 

Start now and have more of your client say “YES!!”

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"Master of Influence Vol 1" Course Includes:

  • How to reach into the mind and heart of your client, so that you can guide their buying decision from a “maybe” to a “yes!”
  • Use the ‘YOU Method’ to become more influential at selling any product to any market.
  • How to rapidly get to the root of your clients’ biggest challenges and ultimate goals using the powerful skill and art of “Mind Reading”
  • Why you need to do the exact opposite to the 98% of salespeople out there, and start to achieve the result that the other 2% come close to.
  • Discover Pete’s most powerful conversation method to use in sales meetings and consultations so that you can create a winning result.