I want you to imagine you’ve been given the key to unlock an absolute truth that once you’ve seen, you can never un-see.

This is exactly what happened to me after over a decade of consulting and training thousands of people in sales.


In an ordinary moment unlike any other, I realised how I had been training a powerful method for sales all along.


This method cut straight through the noise and empowered countless professionals to level up their sales in an extraordinary way.


More so than this, it transcended across industries, impacted beginners to sales veterans and helped even those who hated sales to find new levels of confidence and success.


The most overriding discovery of all, was the sheer simplicity of this powerful sales methodology and how easily I could share it with others and they could yield game changing sales results.


As I walked away from the coffee shop it hit me again, this powerful sales method was exactly what I had instinctively used in my own business for over a decade.

I didn’t need to unlock this method, I had the key from the very beginning.





It was summer 2001 and I was an overconfident but also equally shy 20 year old on my first contract as a personal trainer onboard a luxury cruise ship.

The ship might be an old lady now, but the one thing that hasn’t aged a day is my memory of my manager letting me know if I didn’t up my sales results I would be sent home in just a couple of weeks time.

You see, here was the problem.

I loved what I did and I was good at it. I could work one to one with clients and take them through an entire body transformation, I was a high energy and impact instructor in group classes and I had zero issues having a full diary six days per week.

Yet, even with all of this passion and focus, I still found myself sat in my managers office being handed the news that I wasn’t even close to minimum sales performance.

This was one of the first hard hitting lessons I had about being an adult.

You can be exceptional at what you do but, if you can’t sell it, your business or career can still be cut short.

I was six weeks in to a nine month contract and there was no way I was going to fly back from Alaska to the U.K with the story to my friends and family:

“Hey, I’m home because I couldn’t cut it.”

I’ve come to believe that in times of challenge we either grow bigger than the situation or we allow the situation to crush us.

So, bearing in mind I wasn’t ready to call it a day, I became more resourceful than I’d ever been in my first 20 years of life on this planet.

I started with my team and asked them “how do I sell better? What do you do to help your clients?”

To which I quickly realised, these guys weren’t doing much better than me.

Most of them barely hanging on with minimum sales results.

After a day or two of getting nowhere, I needed to look far beyond my current reality.

*By the way, this is a term I continue to believe in today. If our current reality isn’t giving us the empowerment and steps to level up, we must look beyond.

By pure coincidence, I remember getting a call from my manager at 11.00 P.M one evening saying “I needed to attend an urgent meeting.”

It’s funny how this all happened over 18 years ago, but I remember it like it was a month ago!

I got dressed and walked into work where already most of my team were already waiting.

My first thought was “thank goodness, it’s not just me in this mess.”

The reason for the meeting was because as a department we were pretty much the lowest performing in the company, so one of the top directors had joined the ship to basically tell us EXACTLY as it is.

The reason for the meeting was because as a department we were pretty much the lowest performing in the company, so one of the top directors had joined the ship to basically tell us EXACTLY as it is.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t HR friendly and I’m not condoning it as great leadership. But, he kept the entire team there for three hours and proceeded to rip apart our very existence. He challenged why we even bothered joining the company if we weren’t going to make the most of it? What got me though, was as I looked around at my teammates they had nothing but horror on their face.

It was a real “aha” moment, because I didn’t feel the same. Instead, I felt a fire in my belly and that FINALLY, I had the chance I’d been so desperately searching for, to breakthrough in sales!

I loved my work, I loved travelling the world on a cruise ship, but it sucked that I couldn’t’ convert guests into clients. This was my chance and I wasn’t going to waste it!

The following day, I was exhausted after getting less than 3 hours sleep, but I nailed the best revenue I’d ever done! In fact, I did more in an afternoon, than I had done in 2 weeks previously!

That was it, I wasn’t looking back.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t suddenly jump to top performer in the company and I still had a long contract ahead of me. But, I was able to do enough to keep my job and dedicate the remainder of my time onboard to upping my game and doing what I loved, without the constant stress of not being able to sell it!

Towards the end of my contract I was doing pretty well and was by far the top performer in a team of 22 people. By now, we had a new manager and she was all for staff and team development.

She also wanted to ensure we drove the best results!

After a killer day where I topped all of my previous sales records, she pulled me aside and said:

“Pete, you’ve totally gone from zero to top sales performer and you do it with ease and confidence. Would you be interested in training the rest of the team because perhaps your energy and inspiration will help them more than you know?”

You can imagine, to share what I had learnt over a period of 6 months and help others was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

The next thing, I found myself standing next to a whiteboard sharing the skills I had been crafting throughout my contract.

The following day, the team then had the best sales day in months and guess what? They put their results down to one thing, the training they had attended the evening before. I was instantly hooked, because it’s one thing to be able to sell but to be able to teach others to sell is a completely different skillset.

Since that moment (and it was genuinely a moment,) I became obsessed with taking a deep dive into the psychology, strategies and methodologies that help professionals sell with ease and confidence.

Fast forward to today

Fast forward to today, I’ve trained well over 10,000 professionals and hundreds of companies all over the globe.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s leading companies across more than 30 industries.

I’ve also been asked to travel overseas over 100 times to help companies transform their sales.

To think, it all started from being terrible at sales and figuring out the basics to a simple level where I could help my teammates!

I still believe today, that one of the best decisions I’ve made was to look at everything I’ve done to help professionals and to create a highly tried, tested and proven method which anybody can learn.

If you’ve never sold a thing before and hate sales, this method will change the game completely for you.

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