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If you have a business with 25+ team members or annual revenues of seven figures or more and you’re wanting to take sales to the next level, consulting is specifically for you.

(Please note, if the above does not match your current business circumstances, the Ultimate Sales Diploma or Ultimate Sales Director will be better solution for you. Click here to find out more).

Over the years, many businesses have approached me asking for some sales training for themselves if they work alone, or their teams.

Usually the conversation goes like this:

“Hey Pete, we need to increase our sales, how much do you charge for a couple of days sales training?”

I’ve always smiled at these requests and politely replied with the following statement.

“While I’d love to help you with some sales training, what I’ve found with over close to two decades of teaching sales is that the sales training element is usually just 5% of the solution. Therefore, as a business, I’ve chosen to only help clients on a deeper and strategic level. The big question is, do you want exponential and long term sales transformation, or are you simply wanting some sales training to give your team a buzz right now?”

There’s no right or wrong answer.

However, a number of years ago I took on my last client where I delivered x2 days sales training despite recommending a minimum of 6 months to help them build a real strategy and sales blueprint.

Although the team loved the training days and did have an instant lift in sales performance, this was short lived as there was many other challenges which needed to be resolved from leadership, strategy, focus on the right product, accountability and sales performance just to name a few.

After this client, I made a decision to only ever work with clients on a deeper and transformational level.

Today, this is why I have 150+ documented case studies of exponential sales growth and why I only work with clients on a deeper strategic level.

This isn’t for everyone or every business, but if you are looking for a powerful solution as opposed to a quick fix then we could be a perfect fit to transform your business.

Please note, my consulting fee starts at £8000 for strategy, as everything starts there and a monthly retainer starting at £3000 per month over 6 to 24 months.

My focus is always the outcome and transformation you are wanting in terms of sales. We will work together to ensure you and your team are selling the right solution, with the right strategy and leading your industry with your core offer.

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