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An independent review with our Ultimate Sales community highlighted a typical increase in sales of £2,800 per month by transforming from a service to a solution business.

The community also revalued their expertise to be worth at least an additional £100,000 per year above their perceived value before joining the Academy. Therefore, all of their work is to build their business to start achieving and surpassing this annual increase in revenues. Some have already reached this annual revenue increase.

What would an increase of £2,800 per month do for your business? How about an additional £100,000 in additional annual value and revenues? Respectively, not all of the Ultimate Sales community are achieving these figures, some are achieving more and some less, but they are all on the journey. 

What to expect when you become a solution based business:

  • An increase of x3 to x100 in annual revenues
  • Less clients at far higher value
  • Create a transformation for your clients
  • Become far more selective with who becomes a client
  • Clarity and certainty in your day to day business
  • Become in demand for your solution with your desired target market
  • Zero time wasted on social media or chasing opportunities
  • Transform personal confidence and become a high value individual
  • Remove all other services and products that don’t align with your solution
  • Charge properly for your expertise

*This list is not exhaustive.

  • Name: Samuel Miller
  • Occupation: Director of International Media Agent Creative and Noble
  • Location: London

“We closed a 5k deal for our financial advisor in the States, and now everyday we are negotiating to multi million pound businesses for deals that are worth 30-50k plus”

  • Name: Leanne Alvarez
  • Occupation: Consultant for a Financial Company
  • Location: London

“The big results that I got was in the last quarter, I turned over 100k. I was acknowledged as the top performer in the consultant company that I was working for, and as a result of that I was promoted.”

  • Name: Theresa Bloor
  • Occupation: Director at Moorlands Beauty Salon
  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

“Just looked at my ‘month-end-results’ and wow, all I can say mate is it’s all down to you and your faith in what we could do and what I thought we could never achieve and the results has been the highest we’ve ever done for the month.”

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