Ultimate Consultation Strategy


  • Sell with zero pressure for both you and the client
  • Step into the clients shoes and sell with empathy
  • Gain total calm and confidence throughout the entire consultation
  • Never feel pushy or salesy again
  • Master the most proven consultation methodology within the industry

IMPORTANT: This is not another online course or masterclass. Instead, it is step by step process to implement (and master) the Ultimate Consultation method within your business.

1. Consultation Implementation session

Mastering anything starts with being able to implement in the best way possible. The consultation implementation session is unlike anything I’ve ever done before, it’s a step by step session to help you understand, implement and start mastering the consultation today.

In this 60 minute session, I’ll walk you through the entire consultation start to finish with zero fluff or extras. You’ll be able to start using the consultation right away.

*Instant access available.

2) 21 Transformational questions full guide + talk through session

Knowing what questions to ask is the real game changer for any effective consultation and this is why you’ll have exclusive access to my most powerful 21 transformation questions.

You’ll also be provided with a walk through session, where you’ll gain a deep insight into why we ask questions at certain times during the consultation and most importantly the psychology of each question (knowing this is like having literal consultation superpowers).

*Instant access available.

3) lifetime access to the Ultimate Sales Academy | Sell Your Expertise | Public Community

Also…Gain lifetime access to theUltimate Sales Academy | Sell Your Expertise | Public Community Facebook group.

Join hundreds of other business owners and professionals who are implementing and mastering this exact consultation methodology.

Within this group we share the wins, you can ask questions and I share daily hints, tips on how to transform your consultation.