Ultimate Sales Consultation


✓ Implement the proven 5 step consultation process into your business

✓ Completely remove the pressure for both you and the client

✓ Know with complete certainty what questions ask, and when to ask

✓ Know the precise moment your client is ready to buy

✓ Eliminate all objections long before they happen

Ultimate Sales Consultation Online Training

Join the creator of the Ultimate Sales Consultation, Pete Scott as he shares step by step how to implement the Ultimate Sales Consultation into your business.

Ultimate Sales Consultation Cheat Sheet

Keep the Ultimate Sales Consultation at the forefront of your mind, giving you a constant reminder at your finger tips, empowering you to face every sales situation with ease and certainty. 

21 Transformational Sales Questions PDF

Know the precise question to ask your client, in the perfect moment, and help them arrive at their own conclusion to move towards their ultimate goal with your support.

BONUS: Sales Conversation Practice Spreadsheet

A precise series of exercises to help master the Ultimate Sales Consultation, breaking down the entire 5 steps into bite size learning, enabling you to lay down solid consultation foundations.