7 ways to transform your business into a money making machine course

Reveal 7 vital core sales (and marketing) components within your business.

Direct and no BS advice on how you can switch on sales immediately within your business.

This short course and PDF download will not teach you how to:

– Build a bigger audience on Facebook

– Become a business influencer

– Start a Youtube channel

This short course will help you focus on the exact areas which yield the highest and most valuable returns, fast. 

7 ways to transform your business into a money making machine includes:

 Zoom in and focus like a true business pro on 7 core areas that stand the test of time in revenue creation

Create laser focus around areas of your business that already exist, so you don’t have to continually throw money at the next shiny object

Demonstrate with complete clarity why it is possible to x 7 to x 700 your sales results


Course Curriculum

  • 7 ways to transform your business into a money making machine
    30 minutes
  • Review – Money making machine
    2 minutes
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Light bulb moment
( 0 reviews )
This short course was exactly what i needed to hear - i had a light bulb moment as well!!

Frances Atherstone
Great pointers
( 0 reviews )
Client onboarding was a great point for me to think on

Vikki Shelley
Mind blowing wake up call
( 0 reviews )
Just rewatched this video and it has made me have a light bulb moment of where I am going wrong. I have realised that I need to seriously concentrate on streamlining my business and work on a powerful solution moving forward. Thanks Pete, as always, mind blowing content

Jamie Reid
Great Introduction
( 0 reviews )
This video s a great introduction to the academy

Emily Britten
Quick and simple
( 0 reviews )
Quick video, easy and simple to understand. Just how I like it 🙂

Ashley Richie
Great intro
( 0 reviews )
This video had all the basic points I need to focus on which is great - focus on the basics!