How to Crush Corporate

Do you have a product or service which can help transform a department or an entire corporation?

Taking your expertise to an IT firm or recruitment company might sound scary, but it doesn’t need to be.

In fact, this course will rapidly demystify the myth of selling to companies and you’ll soon see just how many companies would LOVE your help.

More so than this, Pete Scott will share real life in the trenches strategies which he’s personally used in hundreds of sales meetings to help grow his own personal brand within the corporate sector.

Now it’s your turn.

Contained within this course, are six in depth training sessions which can unlock infinite potential for taking your services to the corporate market.

“How to Crush Corporate” Course Includes

Day 1: Demystify the illusion of corporates

  • Remove the fear of approaching companies and large corporations
  • Find your inner corporate guru and discover why you’re likely the perfect fit to help companies (even if you’ve never sold to a company before)
  • Dissolve every myth ever shared about selling to small businesses right up to the world’s largest organisations

Day 2: Uncover your unique value

  • Discover why it’s easier than you think to become the go to person within a specific industry
  • Dive deeper into the powerful solution you can provide for companies 
  • Start to build a strategy that requires zero social media or LinkedIn to grow your business

Day 3: Pricing strategy

  • Crack the code of knowing what to charge for your services
  • Discover why just one corporate client can be worth the value of an entire year working with individuals (or far more!)
  • Attain a deep insight into the pricing models needed when selling to companies
  • Package your value in a way that speaks to the exact needs and wants

Day 4: Company buyer behaviour

  • Understand why companies buy in the first place and how they make purchase decisions
  • Learn how companies buy by size, type and industry (nobody teaches this, but it’s likely one of the most overlooked ways of selling successfully to companies)
  • Discover exactly what companies want (it’s likely not what you think it is)

Day 5: Win your first 3 meetings

  •  Solve the catch 22 of winning your first client, without ever having a client
  • Instead of wasting hours on social media, know how to get to work immediately with booking your first 3 meetings
  • Build your powerful action plan to win your first 3 meetings

Course Curriculum

  • Day 1: Demystify the illusion of corporates
    100 minutes
  • Day 2: Uncover your unique value PART 1
    60 minutes
  • Day 3: Pricing strategy
    30 minutes
  • Day 4: Company buyer behaviour
    30 minutes
  • Day 5: Win your first 3 meetings
    30 minutes
  • BONUS: Part 2 -Uncover your unique value
    60 minutes
  • Review – How to Crush Corporate
    2 minutes
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