“There’s plenty more fish in the… Youtube.”

What Tim shares in this lesson is not only relevant for Youtube, but highly relevant for sales too! One of the specific areas Tim talks about is “market size versus competition,” and the specific example he gives is the personal development space where he says “the pond is small but the competition is high.”

This is SO TRUE for sales AND Youtube success!

Imagine if you could be the ONLY person in a new pond where there’s a real need (and want) for the solution you can provide. How would that change the success you are currently having today?

One of the stories I’ve shared many times is when I tried to help a particular industry but the pond was extremely small and the competition was through the roof! Even though 99% of the competition didn’t really make any real revenues, it was still extremely difficult to shine! It was only when I decided to expand to other markets that my business started to succeed.

The second point Tim makes in this lesson is about slightly adjusting your message so it actually appeals to a wider audience.

Example: You’re a confidence coach but you create a Youtube video called “Greater Confidence for Attracting your Perfect Partner.”

Now, you’ve reached the dating industry too!

So, for this lesson, I want you to consider what other audiences are out there who could benefit from your Youtube videos (and services.) Also, come up with five Youtube titles that are appealing to a wider audience.

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