In certain situations, I do work with one to one clients.

While I appreciate the vast majority of solutions provided within the academy are group work, community and self study, these equally are not for everyone.

Some would prefer to do the intensive work in a shorter space of time and then have an agreed level of support and beyond this.

The first expectation if we are to work together is to appreciate, one to one is my highest asset and it should be yours too. Therefore, if you know your own value of one to one and you’re willing to charge thousands for your time and highly specific advice, one to one is likely a great fit for both of us.

My one to one clients start with a 4 to 5 hour session where we focus in depth on your overall strategy.

This session is held only in person (I do not offer this online under any circumstance) and will be in London or Norwich.

My fee for this session is £5000 including vat.

We will discuss towards the end of this session how we can continue working together and exactly what this looks like.

The one to one clients I work with are from all walks of life, experience and industries. There’s no right or wrong industry or particular goal that makes one client a better fit than another.

However, I do have a number of requirements which are all non negotiable.

  • You currently charge a minimum of £2500 per client or have a strong desire and confidence to do so
  • You genuinely have an expertise with quantifiable outcomes which are valuable to your target market (please note, we will likely completely redefine these outcomes during our time together)
  • You’re willing to transform the relationship with your current clients to become high value or find a new market
  • You are happy to work with less clients, charge more and become an industry leader in your craft, without compromise
  • You are not expecting our one to one time to grow your social media presence or attain influencer status
  • You’re great at following exact instructions and you realise our time one to one, is not therapy or life coaching, but completely focused on sales and business strategy
  • You understand the value of working one to one, because you are pushing boundaries in this area within your own business (please note, you do not need to offer one to one, but you do need to offer consulting or a powerful solution to your market)

If you’re still interested in taking the next step in working one to one together, please fill out the following form and my team will reach out to you within 48 hours.