Our scholarship opportunity for the Ultimate Sales Diploma is now open.

The scholarship has been created for individuals who have all of the potential in the world to succeed, but just need the right opportunity.

  • Please note, we have a select number of full and part scholarships per year to offer

There’s no right or wrong reason for applying for the scholarship, as everyone has their own unique reason for applying.

Our team will review every application and get back to you within 24 hours to to confirm if your application has been accepted and the next steps.

Please note, a team member may request a short interview call to discuss your application further and make a final decision (please check your messages for communication from us).

Conditions to apply.

– You must have a clear vision for your business
– You can be a personal brand or work with a team of up to X 3
– If you have X 4 or more in your team, please note the scholarship is not available
– Your expertise must help to create a transformation in the life of your client

– You may only apply once per 12 months for a scholarship

Good luck!