✔ Transform your mind

✔ Master proven sales and business skills 

✔ Create a powerful solution 

✔ Market and sell successfully

Sell with ease and confidence

✔ Run a highly profitable business

✔ Worldwide business community 



✔ Transform your mind

✔ Master proven sales and business skills 

✔ Create a powerful solution 

✔ Market and sell successfully

Sell with ease and confidence

✔ Run a highly profitable business

✔ Worldwide business community



✔ Become renowned in your industry for your powerful solution

Run stand out marketing campaigns that create a buzz within your target market

Master sales meetings and consultations with a highly proven methodology

Overcome uncertainty and revenue anxiety with structure and step by step support

Collaborate with ambitious and likeminded business owners, consultants and coaches within our growing community



How it works


 When you become a member of the Ultimate Sales Academy, you’ll gain access to everything you could ever need to transform your sales and marketing within your business.  

Our mission is to help you from all angles and we achieve this with comprehensive training, accountability and support.

Ultimately, we want to put you and your business in a position where you cannot fail. 

Who is it for?

Our worldwide community consists of business owners, coaches and experts in their field.

Although some are veterans of the business game, while others are launching their first ever product, they all posses the same ambition and desire to master their sales and marketing.

It’s this common goal which we believe continues to attract individuals from all walks all life and all corners of the globe.

Why is this different to any other course?

A comprehensive solution to sales and marketing within your business.

When you join as an Ultimate Sales Academy member, you’ll gain access to 50 + courses (with more added every month), highly supportive business community and network, plus accountability to keep you on track with your business goals.

This is far more than just another sales or marketing course.

It’s the one stop, powerful solution you’ve been craving for.


 Learn the full ecosystem of business

Instead of focusing on an individual skill, when you become a member of The Ultimate Sales Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to learn (in depth) the full range of skills and strategies required to run a profitable and high performing business. We call this ‘The Ecosystem.’


Risk taking and disrupting the norm. Entrepreneurship will help you stretch your comfort zones and think differently.   


Likely the most needed skill in business today. Learn how to eliminate any fear and fall in love with sales.

Organic marketing

Maximise your reach and become the go to person and business within your target market, without spending a penny.


Most business owners run their business with their hair on fire. Building a proven strategy means you don’t have to be one of them.

Business fundamentals

How to practise and master the basics of your business and win.

Client on-boarding

Stop losing sales through friction and confusion. Simplify and systemise your client onboarding.

Inbound and outbound sales calls

How to gain unstoppable confidence over the phone and create new prospects on demand. 

Strategic partnerships

How to setup win win relationships with the right partner companies. BONUS: Discover overseas opportunities with strategic alliances.

Business models

How to identify the right business model and maximise your overall sales and marketing performance.  

High value sales

The deep psychology behind high value sales and how to move from small transactions to helping your clients transform at x 2 to x 1000 the value.  

Recruitment and team creation

Know exactly when and how to build a team. From recruitment strategy to long term team member, plus everything in-between.  



Leadership and management

A business is only as strong as its leader. Master the art and science of leadership, coaching and mentoring.


Develop an edge by possessing consistent and unstoppable focus. Ultimately, being undeterred by external forces or circumstances. 

Business psychology

Dive into the mind of the true business professional. Understand what motivates and inspires you to action. Equally, unearth the psychology and behaviours of your target market.  

Transformational selling

How to harness one of the most powerful sales methodologies in business. Attain a deep understanding of serving your clients at a transformational level and exponentially increasing your sales profits as a result.

Social media

How to position your brand effectively and maximise your social media channels. Learn the core principles for ethically growing your audience and attracting your desired client avatar

Product creation and launches

From concept to launch (and everything in-between.) Discover the deep work required to successfully launch your solution to a new or current marketplace.

Sales consultations

The missing link for most small businesses resulting in tens of thousands in lost revenues per year. Locking down your sales consultations (and meetings) to an exact science can transform your overall sales results and give you the ability to predict your sales with extreme accuracy months in advance. 

Content marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools today, but so few harness even 1% of its potential. Attaining a deep understanding of content marketing with a proven strategy can be a gamechanger for any individual or business willing to take action.

Systemisation and processes

How to remove the chaos from your business and create a finely tuned and oiled machine. All in a language that’s makes perfect sense and can be easily implemented.

POWERFUL WORldwide community

How quickly would you like to raise your profile?

A part of being a member in a thriving community goes well beyond the support and help you’ll get (and there’s a lot.)

The Ultimate Saes Academy community immediately gives you access to a powerful worldwide network of business owners, coaches and experts in their field.

One unexpected benefit of the community is just how quickly it raises member’s profile.

We’ve had members who’ve sold their products in new countries thanks to member introductions, podcast appearances to entering entirely new markets due to another member seeing the opportunity for someone within the community.

If you have something to offer to the world, the world is likely waiting for you within your membership.


I started the Ultimate Sales Academy in 2018 to shake up how sales and marketing is taught online.

Having lived both the corporate consulting and online business training world, I felt strongly both were missing what it truly takes to help change the game of sales and marketing for their customers.

My vision was to create a platform where the members are empowered to transform their business and become the go to expert in their chosen field. 

In the process, the Ultimate Sales Academy has become far more than ‘just another sales course’ or ‘business network.’

We’re still learning everyday and the commitment of the team and the members within our community never ceases to amaze me.

Almost daily, I hear of our members helping each other and disrupting their respective industries.

I believe, this is one of the many reasons why it so exciting to be a part of the Ultimate Sales Academy right now.

Here’s a few case studies of The Ultimate Sales members

Learn the depth of what works and from every angle

At the Ultimate Sales Academy, we’re not interested in teaching a bunch of skills, our mission is to help you grow as a human being and leader. We achieve this through a comprehensive approach to helping your business.

your ultimate sales academy mega bonus pack!


Specifically created for service providers and experts who help to make a fundamental shift and transformation within their clients life. 

– Duration of course: 21 days
– X 4 Deep Dive training’s
– X 3 workbooks delivered to your door
– Step by step framework to implement the Ultimate Sales Method into your business
Imagine a bullet proof way to increase and transform your sales without the overwhelm of learning countless systems and techniques.

A method you can start using today and instantly remove the fear and limitations when it comes to the overall sales process.

Sales should be one of the easiest components within your business, certainly not the pain and struggle that most professionals constantly feel.

Once implemented, the Ultimate Sales Method will give you the answer to achieving exponential sales results in your business and career.


Ignite your membership immediately with your very own Ultimate Sales Success Pack delivered to your door.

We won’t unbox the mystery now, we’ll leave that to you when you become a fully fledged Academy member.

By the way, our Ultimate Sales Success Pack is available all across the globe (Antartica not included.)



Imagine having direct access to one of the top sales and marketing mentors with answers to your biggest questions!

Right now, when you join as an Ultimate Sales Academy member you’ll get exactly that.

From Monday to Friday you can message the founder of the Ultimate Sales Academy and lead trainer, Pete Scott directly on his WhatsApp number.

Share your progress with him and ask your biggest sales and marketing questions.

Pete will reply to your messages directly with a voicenote.

This support is only valid for a few more months, so right now is a better time than ever to become an Ultimate Sales Academy member.



Your membership wouldn’t be complete without your very own personally branded Slothie.

Slothie has taken this planet by storm since his arrival in 2019 and he’s helped countless business owners, coaches and consultants to take their sales sales to the next level.

Once your membership has been activated, you’ll receive your very own personally branded Slothie to raise as your own.

Hear what others are saying

  • Name: Samuel Miller
  • Occupation: Director of International Media Agent Creative and Noble
  • Location: London

“We closed a 5k deal for our financial advisor in the States, and now everyday we are negotiating to multi million pound businesses for deals that are worth 30-50k plus”

  • Name: Leanne Alvarez
  • Occupation: Consultant for a Financial Company
  • Location: London

“The big results that I got was in the last quarter, I turned over 100k. I was acknowledged as the top performer in the consultant company that I was working for, and as a result of that I was promoted.”

  • Name: Aliya Raja
  • Occupation: Confidence Coach for Women
  • Location: London
“I used the info Pete talked about regarding sales calls and then how to conduct meetings.
Today I got a phone call from the top firm in Abu Dhabi to confirm that they want to start working with me as a freelancer to do workshops in the new academic year… & today and yesterday I signed up my 2 highest paying clients so far.”

  • Name: Shoana Taylor
  • Occupation: Director at Nutrient Vibes Ltd
  • Location: London

“The best thing is that, I have a new branch now, which I would never have thought of before, of bringing a service that is health and wellness in to business. 

I would say that the best thing about this course is the level of support that you get. Pete delivers high high value and you will just have no end of new things to learn and new ways to increase the success in your business.”

  • Name: Nick Cownie
  • Occupation: Director at Success Dynamics
  • Location: Australia

“I flew from Australia just to attend Pete’s B2B Sales Pro. He was able to understand my business model in less than 2 minutes, but then explained exactly where I’ve been missing out on huge opportunities in the corporate sector. Now, just one month later, I’m in the final stage of closing my first ever one million dollar contract.”  

  • Name: Richard Spacey
  • Occupation: Director at Atlas Gym
  • Location: Southampton, UK

“Thank you for the advice you’ve given me, you have basically helped me triple the attendance at my gym”  

  • Name: Vicky Hendry
  • Occupation: Business owner of Face Up Beauty
  • Location: Derby, UK

“In the 30 days that I have been following the coaching programme with Pete, my turnover increased by 62% in the month”  

  • Name: Adam Chatterley
  • Occupation: The Beauty Business Podcast
  • Location: Leeds, UK

“I’ve closed the single biggest consulting deal that I’ve ever had, using just the 5 steps sales conversation approach that you taught us”

  • Name: Robert Bateman
  • Occupation: Bateman Kildare Limited
  • Location: Colchester, UK

Pete has completely changed the way I organise my day, set my targets, produce my strategy and has brought determination, motivation and drive back into me and my business.  

The business is growing rapidly from just a few meetings and parts of advice I had from him so far”