How much would it be worth for your business to have your very own high level sales director supporting you step by step and keeping you accountable for the next 2 years? 

Ultimate Sales Director membership | £18,000 | Application only

I’ve chosen to go a different way in terms of how I support business owners.

Not only will I teach you everything I know + give you all the support in the world you’ll ever need, I’ll personally be your sales director over the next 2 years ensuring you’re taking every step to thrive in your business!

I’ve seen all the quick fix and fast track programmes out there and it’s crazy to hear the stories of how business owners never see a return on investment.

This is exactly why I’ve made the decision to support your business daily over a 24 month period.

The intention is by year 2, you’ll be:

– Hitting at least £250,000 in additional revenues, by purely focusing on the transformation you create for your client (making the investment in the Academy less than 10% of your overall revenue increase)

– You’ll be positioned as the leader in your area of expertise within your chosen industry

– You’ll be working less, paying yourself considerably more 

I’ve already helped hundreds of business owners and experts to achieve these results, I’ve seen all the subtle and intricate details that matter along the way and this is why I have total certainty when a new member joins the Ultimate Sales Academy and I become their sales director.

In essence, we work as a partnership over the 2 year period and the rest of the member community (including my incredible leadership team) to help you step by step carve out the ultimate strategy and implement the precise actions that gain the best ROI (return on investment) for your business.

Please note, there is an initial payment up front with payment plans available that can be spread across the 24 months we work together (this can be discussed when you apply).

The big question is: “While I appreciate we all want results in 90 days (and some members achieve this), where do you feel you will be in just 2 years from now with daily high level support and doubling down on the exact components to build your expert business?”

My focus will be to help you:

– Have quality over quantity (Less clients, more profits)
– Sell high value because your expertise is valuable
– Offer a specific transformation for your client and become known for this within your target market
– Have crystal clear targets with precise steps to achieve them
– Create and deliver a long term strategy which helps to build a business on your terms
– Become a solution based business (not service based)

– Charge properly without product presentations
– Charge properly for strategy with your client
– Charge properly without compromising price of your solution
– Become the trusted advisor and high level consultant for your client
– Build a profitable business with your expertise

– Transform your relationship with current clients (transactional to transformational)
– Onboard high value corporate clients 
– Deliver deep dive consultations 
– Lead from the front (if you have a team)
– Increase your client value by X 3 to X 1000
– Grow a dream business without the circus and pressure of social media

Most of what I’ll teach over the 24 months will be the complete opposite of what’s mostly believed about growing a business. It will feel counterintuitive, all I ask is to trust the results you see with your own eyes. I will be asking you to:

– Focus only on the ultimate outcome for your client and forget everything else
– Empty, not fill the diary
– Focus your energy on one thing
– Be precise in your offer
– Trust your expertise at all times
– Trust that your expertise is extremely rare and valuable
– Charge exponentially more than your competition

– Be up front about money with your client and talk about money often
– Work with less clients, not more
– Trust there are high value clients everywhere
– Slow down, not speed up
– Differentiate through your expertise
– Step back from the constant hamster wheel of finding clients and running launches online

What do I get for the 24 months?

 ✔ Sales accountability and support  
✔ Monday to Friday accountability sessions (+400 ACCOUNTABILITY SESSIONS THROUGHOUT 2022 and 2023)
✔ Worldwide highly supportive and high level business community
✔ Monthly live Zoom sales training session
✔ Sales performance tracking
✔ X 4 Mastermind days throughout 2022 and again in 2023 (In London and Norwich)
BONUS 1: ULTIMATE SALES DIPLOMA (includes 800 page physical workbook and 280+ modules)

Over the next 24 months, we’ll be focusing on zero of the following.

– Becoming an influencer
– Writing a best selling book
– How to get followers on Facebook or any social media platform
– Entering every industry award
– Showing up on social media 50 X per day (or even once per day)
– Sales funnels
– Selling more services and working at breakeven or a loss
– Pushing products your clients don’t need or want
– Growing on TikTok, Instagram or any social media platform
– Chasing clients and burning out on the hamster wheel of business
– Positioning techniques (when the only positioning required is to charge properly and deliver on your solution).

(As 99% of business mentors and influencers teach without any sustainable strategy or tangible results).

This list is not exhaustive.

It can easily be said there are success stories for all of the above examples, but let’s do the maths:

– How many are actually successful by posting endlessly on social media?

– Are those TikTokers dancing and pointing at words on the screen converting high value clients?

– For every story you hear about a six figure ‘5 day challenge launch’ how many others are spinning plates and getting into further debt and despair using the same approcah?

Over the next 12 months, we will focus only on the delibrate steps that grow your business and allow you to sell your expertise at the highest level.

In other words, if you have an expertise that you know can be valuable to a specific market (or type of person), we will do only what helps towards that goal.

If you’re wondering what sort of results my previous and current members have achieved, please take a look at the video below:

Who is the Ultimate Sales Director Membership for?

If you’re wanting a solution based business, specifically where you help to create a significant change and transformation in the life of your client, The Ultimate Sales Director Membership could be for you!

I do have some requirements, you must:

– Have an active business with a client base
– Know what your vision is for your business
– Want to sell solutions, opposed to services
– Have a clear revenue target for 2022 (please note, the application form for the membership will help you to create this)

If you’re just starting out, first of all a massive congrats to you on being brave and creating your own path! My recommendation would be to start with my Ultimate Sales Diploma which gives you everything you could ever need, step by step to create a solution based business where you’re creating a transformation with your client! The diploma will also help you to do the deep work required to know exactly what you want to offer to your target audience and client. To find out more about the diploma and apply, please click here.

The approach I have to helping your business is extremely methodical.

While I am personally a big fan of the law of attraction, positive thinking and money mindset. From helping 30,000+ business owners throughout my career and seeing +400 business owners in 2021 alone significantly increase and transform their sales, I’ve learnt that in order to succeed, you need a proven method and strategy in place.

The reason why my members continually achieve breakthrough records is because we focus obsessively over the foundations of sales in their business. My personal mission with every member is they’re able to show up as the high value individual in their business and in essence, identify the areas of growth and real opportunity.

I’m constantly testing the community on their knowledge and what never seizes to amaze me, is how they think on a completely different level to the rest of their respective industries.

What you’ll discover within the membership, is that it’s the unique combination of methods and strategies which all work in harmony together.

Will I get to know your business?

The success of my Academy depends on real life results, not promises or subscribers. 

Therefore, I have an extremely high commitment to understand your business on the deepest level. In fact, most of my members would fully confess that I understand and know their business better than they know it themselves, at least in the specific area of sales growth and transformation. This is why they trust me to help them.

On the basis I’ve chosen not to help the masses, I can fully focus my attention on our members. This is at the core of everything and I hold this as one as one of my highest values. I believe this is one of the reasons why the member results are incompatible to other business communities. 

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Funding options


Option 1: £18,000 paid in full.

Option 2: £18,000 with up front deposit and remaining paid over 24 months