The 100 Club

In June 2019, Pete decided to help 100 people grow their business, and travelled all over the UK to visit them.
He called it “skip marketing.” Skip the BS, and go direct to helping your target audience improve their life and business.

Pete had this crazy idea to help x 100 people grow their businesses and to travel over 3000 miles in month to visit them all (well, most of them.)

Anyway, this crazy vision become a reality, in the month of July 2019. Pete,  Jamie and a Sloth have:

  • Travelled 2850 miles so far with still about 600 miles to go
  • Visited dozens of amazing business owners
  • Delivered over 35 hours of online live deep dive classes
  • Showed up x 7 days per week for daily accountability with the group
  • Seen over 300K in revenues generated by these businesses across the group

It would have been nuts to do all of this and not document the journey and transformations. So, we also turned this epic adventure into a mini series.

Episode 1

In June 2019, Pete decided to help 100 people grow their businesses and…. Go on a 3000 mile road tripto meet them all. Oh yeah – and film a 3 part series to see them transform their businesses.

Episode 2

The journey from Southampton all the way to Inverness in Scotland begins! This episode really shows behind the scenes of so many business owners day to day lives, sharing their challenges as they push to transform their dream into a reality.

Episode 3

– Helping 100 people grow their businesses

– For 31 days
– PLUS travel over 3000 miles to visit them all (3250 to be precise)

Those who were featured in this episode, you guys are the unsung heroes of the U.K.