People buy from people they know, like and trust.
Or, do they?
Here’s the problem, we overemphasise the ‘like’ part and spend our life
people pleasing clients and we massively underemphasise the ‘trust’ element and we forget that people buy from experts who can help solve a problem they can’t solve for themselves.
I’m not saying “don’t be likeable.”
I’m saying, you’re already likely… likeable, so don’t worry about people pleasing all the time.
I’m also not saying “trust is all that matters.”
I am saying though if we invest any significant money, we like to know we have x10 chance of solving a specific problem and achieving our goal.
The know element, I’ll save this for another time, because the reality is there’s times where the client doesn’t even need to know you, but will still trust you to buy from you.
At the other end of the spectrum, there’s times where knowing you is the game changer, but only to a certain extent.
In the meantime, focus 90% of your energy on why a client will trust you enough to invest thousands of pounds.
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