Show up with total certainty. Imagine from this moment, you activated a part of the mind which allowed you to show up with total certainty.
In fact, once activated, you could never switch it off.
– What would your body language be like?
– How influential would you become?
– How would you show up for your next client?
– What conversation would you have with your client?
– What would your tone of voice be like?
– How would your deal with doubters and your own fears?
– What breakthroughs will happen?
– What would your earning power be like? (Earning power is your ability to generate sales on demand)
Feels pretty good right? So, this leads me to my next question… What’s stopping you right now showing up with total certainty? Keep the last question in your mind as we continue. Here’s the thing, for everything I see online from all of the #gurus on how to build your dream business, we both know already it’s nearly all BS.
The latest sales funnel or marketing hack are not the route to riches and you don’t have to show up on nineteen social media platforms per day just to make one sale. As I said a few days ago, the answer is a lot closer to home.
The answer is you.
You’re the superpower and you’re the ultimate asset to your business. But it all starts with your level of certainty. “The highest level of certainty, always influences the other.” – Especially in sales.
Here’s the best thing about certainty. It gives you an insane level of clarity.
You see, when a business owner asks me if it’s better to do social media or not, my reply is always “you tell me, it’s your business.” When another business owner says they heard copywriting is a better skill to learn than sales, my response is “does it really matter?”

The fact is, it doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter if marketing is more important than sales and branding is the best thing since cookie dough. Saying one is more important than the other, is like saying your liver is more important than your kidneys. The only reason why the gurus say one is better than the other, is because well, they have to sell you something right?!
“XYZ doesn’t work anymore, insert MY NEW SHINY SOLUTION HERE!” – Marketing ad.
You know the funniest thing though? We keep falling for every ad. We fall into the next trap, the one after that and before we know it we’re so lost in the overwhelm labyrinth of growing our business, we open a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and watch Gladiator for the 27th time, while feeling like a massive failure.
You’re not a failure, not even close. You’ve probably achieved way more than you give credit for. What you’re lacking (if anything) is a high level of certainty. Ok, I like to call it total certainty, because you’re either certain about something or not, there’s not really an in-between.
Ask yourself, what is total certainty for you?
*Please note, certainty isn’t: Showing up on social media 247 times per day (this in itself is usually a lack of certainty). On the other hand, over confidence is when your skillset and delivery doesn’t match your promise. When I reflect back on my own career, total certainty has always been the game changer. I’ve sold in nearly every industry, consulted for some of the biggest companies on planet Earth and ran online launches which have brought in X 3 years of my old salary in one weekend. I’ve equally got myself in a mess and had to pay off hundreds of thousands in debt and made many business mistakes along the way.
The difference maker though, has always been certainty.
When I’ve lacked certainty, I’ve looked outwards to a million different solutions. I’ve thrown money at things and people to fix my problems. I’ve sat in front of my laptop for an entire week at a time, thinking I’m working, but really I was pretending.


Yet, when I’ve trusted myself and stepped back from everything, certainty has always been the answer.
– Certainty in my thinking
– Certainty in my emotions
– Certainty in my next decision
Let’s get back to you.
– What’s your level of certainty like?
– What are you willing to do to create total certainty?
I nearly forgot to mention, it takes work to create total certainty and it’s an inside job. You’re probably going to pi** some people off and you’re definitely going to have to take sometime for you. But I can guarantee you something none of the business #gurus can give you.
– Total certainty will significantly outperform every other strategy they’re trying to sell you.
– Total certainty will help you to trust the most important person of all, you.
– Total certainty will help you eliminate all of the noise and focus on the few strategies you need, as opposed to the countless hacks and magic pills you don’t.
Oh yeah… If you wondering what I sell. It’s total certainty.
But it starts with you.
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