1) Sales is not a transactional skill you learn like Microsoft Excel.

It’s an art (a science too) and must be continually worked on, practiced and mastered.

If you make sales a priority and practise it daily, you’ll see the person you become in the process, is what helps you reach the sales results you and your business deserve.

2) The top salespeople will always close the sale sitting down with the client.

This creates the right environment for the client/customer to feel at ease to make the best decision.

Trying to close a sale standing will feel rushed and uneasy for your client.

Get the “yes” sitting.

3) When you get a price objection, NEVER try and justify the cost.

You will have a far higher success rate if you agree with the client that ‘yes, it is expensive, if you don’t make the most of it.’ Then, return back to this question ‘do you mind if I ask, remind me why you decided to come here today?’

It’s CRUCIAL to return to the prospects goal when you get a price objection. This ensures the focus is on their REASONS for walking in as opposed to you having to talk 100 miles per hour to justify your solution and/or your existence.

BONUS: When you return to their goals, it keeps the control of the conversation with you, the professional.

4) For any dream to become a reality, someone had to close the sale.



5) If you remove the C from ‘close’ you get ‘lose.’

This is why, if you’re not closing the sale, you lose.

Sales transformation, sales improvement ‘in my opinion’ are the number one thing any business looks at.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a seven figure empire or just starting out with your first £20 sale. The ability to sell, and close will always be the lifeblood of your business.

6) Have more fun and know that the only things that truly matter are how you treat yourself and how you treat others.

The rest, is a MASSIVE playground. Why is this a ‘sales top tip?’ Well, because I never met a truly successful salesperson who took life too seriously.

7) Your commission should always be greater than your salary.


8) Remove the emotion you have attached to your client saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

I promise you, if you felt completely neutral and confident when closing the sale, you legitimately will close a lot more sales.

However, 95% of professionals when closing the sale become far too emotional. The client see’s this, the client feels this, and it makes them nervous or makes them feel like you are pushing.

So, remove the emotion, let your client say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and enjoy your day.

9) Talk a lot more about your customer and their goals than you talk about yourself or your product.

10) Simply reminding the client/customer that it’s 100% their decision if they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ can dramatically increase your closing ratio. It may seem obvious that it’s your clients decision but people don’t like to feel pressured when making a buying decision.

Therefore, the gentle reminder that it is ultimately their decision demonstrates you are not there to push them, but to simply help them make the right decision.

Trust is key after all.

11) Become so skilled at your consultation that your prospect would be willing to pay good money for the consultation itself.

Top 3 ways to become massively skilled in this area:

– Learn to ask questions that establish exactly where your prospects mindset is currently.

– Learn how to create such a level of certainty that your eye contact and body language are A star.

– Know that everybody isn’t right for your product, so your job is not to sell to everybody, but to find the right person and recommend the right solution.

Even if it’s NOT your product.

12) Becoming a pro at sales is just like getting your body in shape.

Train consistently and over time you’ll create the results you want. Going to the gym once or training in sales just once doesn’t count.

Level two is finding the right training for you, for both fitness and sales but that’s a whole other tip. For now, just get started.

13) Remember, your clients are learning how to buy far faster than you are learning how to sell.

This is why sales skills are so crucial in 2019, because the consumer is far more educated about your product (and industry) than ever before.

Prioritise selling skills, build a winning strategy and practice consistently because there’s never a better time to be great at sales than right now.

14) Focus on what you can ‘be’ instead of what you can ‘have’ because if you strive to become the best version of you, you’ll ‘have’ more opportunities than you ever imagined before.

Doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, just means you are the most valuable thing you will ever own. So be the CEO of you.

15) It is not your job to assume your clients budget of what they can or cannot afford. It’s your job to recommend what you feel will help them, regardless of their budget.

Let the client decide if they can or can’t afford it. After all, it’s their £££ not yours.

16) You don’t see the world as it is. You see it as you believe.

If you see there are no chances, no opportunities, your reality will become this. If you see that you’ve got this, the universe and particularly this planet has abundant opportunities. That will become your reality.

You decide.

17) Be consistent.


18) A great salesperson can sell ice to eskimos. Correction. A great sales person wouldn’t sell ice to eskimos because he (or she) knows selling is not about manipulation and selling what someone doesn’t need.


A great sales person will find out who makes the best igloos, will agree an epic commission structure and find the eskimos who are ready to buy.

True sales is solving problems and connecting the solutions to the right buyer.

19) It’s nothing to do with luck.

A lot of people will say that great sales performance is due to ‘luck’ and yes it’s true, ANYBODY can be lucky once.

A truly successful salesperson knows that being lucky month in month out just doesn’t happen. It’s down to the skill, strategy and CONSISTENT tenacity that a sales person requires.

20) Running a business, you’re paid for your work, you’re paid for your RESULTS.

This is why it’s always worth finding smarter and better ways to sell more successfully.

21) A few leads are not enough.

You need to be having sales conversations DAILY with prospective new members.

22) All that matters when selling is getting into the map of your client.

Everybody has an internal map, which is how they view the world. It includes their beliefs, their values, their feelings, behaviours and so much more.

Their map is NOT your map. Bad sales people are always trying to sell from their own map, successful sales people know that all that really matters is working from their clients map. You can’t enter the map by ‘telling’ you can only enter it by building phenomenal questions that stimulate the mind of your client.

Once you’ve entered the map of your client, the master sales person can influence, challenge and even inspire this map. It’s this final point that sets apart a highly successful salesperson to almost everybody else.

23) Sell with questions, not with answers.


24) Sales results never lie.

They are a symptom of your skills, your strategy, your motivation and your overall attitude to your customer.

25) Unsuccessful salespeople are only focused on making the next sale, average sales people are focused on what they can sell today, good sales people are focused on what they can sell this week or this month.

Highly successful salespeople can predict their revenue for the entire year ahead, or even further.

By having this ‘starting with the end in mind’ you can build the behaviours, skills and strategies in the current moment to align with reaching your long-term goals.

This way of thinking changes the whole game of sales, it means you are not worried about making the next sale. In fact, you can become completely detached from it, leaving you open to learn, build and grow a phenomenal career and/or business.

26) Move from hoping, to owning your sales performance.


27) People buy when they:

* Learn something new which helps them

* Are inspired to buy

28) If you want to get agreement from someone, don’t start off from a place of disagreement.

Always agree your way to a ‘yes!’

29) You’ll sell to the world whatever you have convinced yourself to sell.

* Convinced on your excuses? You’ll sell your excuses to the world.

* Convinced on how you can find a way? You’ll sell ‘how you can find a way’ to the world. *Convinced on your product or solution making your clients lives better? You’ll sell your product or solution to the world and in turn, make their lives better.

* Your competitive advantage is not found in your product or service. Your competitive advantage is found in YOU. You are the influence and the inspiration that moves a prospect to a “yes, I’m ready, let’s do this.”

30) Either you sell a “yes” to your customer or they sell a “no” to you.

You’re welcome.

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