Sell with questions, not with answers.


The biggest mistake we make when selling our product or service is:

Talking too much about our product or service.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Your ideal client is sat right in front of you, they could literally be your biggest sale of the decade! All you need to do is get the conversation right.


Instead of asking a few powerful and engaging questions, you go into hyper motormouth mode and start pitching your product!


You feel like a fool, your client says “umm, I’ll think about it and come back to you.”

You know, you’ll never see them again, so you go bury your head in a coffee you can’t afford.

I’ve definitely been there before and it sucks!

Wait a minute…

What if you could transform this situation?

What if instead of pitching and feeling the weight of the sales God’s on your shoulder, you could ENJOY the sales conversation? (And just for fun, have your client PITCH to you why you should let them buy your product.)

Guess what, this isn’t only possible, it’s easier than you think!

Before you get the keys to your renewed sales consultation skillzzz though, remember the below:


Let’s get into x 7 questions that can help change the game of sales in your business.

1) Can you tell me more about _____?

Yep, it’s that simple. By asking your client to ‘tell you more about X or Y’ you basically give permission for your client to delve further into what they want, or share what they’re struggling with. This is potentially one of the most underrated sales questions on planet Earth, hence why it made this list.

2) Specifically, why is this a challenge?

When you ask a general question, you’ll get a general answer. Especially if you want to sell more than a bunch of grapes, you need to get to the specifics of why your client is sat in front of you. So, next time you hear a general answer, ask for the specifics.

3) I know ______ looks and feels like for me, what does it look and feel like for you?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when selling their product or service is making bold assumptions. They assume they know what their client wants and they assume they know their struggles. However, they don’t have the first clue. YOU don’t have the first clue. Even if you do know what your clients wants, how do you know what it looks and feels like for them? The answer, you don’t. You only know your version of it. This is why asking your client what ______ looks and feels like for them is another incredible question to ask.

4) What’s the number 1 outcome you want?

People buy what they prioritise. Sure, a lot of online ‘gurus’ will tell you that people buy because of value, value, value. But this lacks depth. People buy because something is number 1 on their list. Not number 4, or even number 2. So, why not ask what your client number 1 desired outcome is?

5) How long has this been a problem?

A lot of sales is being able to help your client put things into context. By asking how long X or Y has been a problem, your client has the opportunity to think about their problem in more depth and most importantly, to realise just how much it’s impacted their life for ______ years.

6) How long do you feel it will take to fix?

Rather than you preaching to your client that they need to work with you for the next 12 months to help them, why don’t you simply ask them how long they feel X problem will take to fix? By doing this, you’re still achieving the same result, but now it becomes your clients idea instead of your preachy self. Sorry I know you don’t preach to your clients, but… You do.

7) What’s your ultimate goal?

All that matters to your client, is their ultimate goal. Help them to achieve this, it can literally change their entire life. So, why not ask them ‘what’s their ultimate goal?’

At the end of the day, the reason why your clients tell you they need to think about it, is because you don’t get them to ‘think any deeper’ when they’re with you. By simply talking AT your client, all they hear is your product blah blah blah.


Try even some of these questions out and I’ll be you’ll see an instant change in how your clients respond.

Sorry, let me rephrase this.

If you try out even just a few of the above questions with your clients, what do you feel will change?


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