I can almost guarantee you are not results driven.

I say this with total kindness, but even if I haven’t met you before, I’m willing to say there’s a 99% chance you are focused on selling the wrong things in your business. 

Hear’s why.

Let’s take a personal trainer for example, even though she knows she should be focused on the value the client receives, she’s actually focused on what she does for the client.

She talks to prospective clients about:

  • X10 PT sessions they’ll get with her
  • Why the client will save 20% when they buy a package
  • The circuit training class she runs every Thursday
  • Why she’s the best PT in the local area
  • Why she’s an award winning PT

Guess what? 

None of the above are valuable, at least not to the client.

Yet, for the thousands of business owners I get to meet and speak to every year, this is the kind of thing they focus on.

Let’s be more specific here. 

You’re probably thinking “I get it Pete, I should focus on the body transformation, right?”

Kind of.

Actually, you want to be focused on the following areas:

  • Hitting an agreed goal with the client (this is surface level though and should be a given)
  • Building a strategy with the client (because no client ever has a strategy)
  • Being the trusted and expert advisor to the client
  • The client having access to you (this one is huge)

Let’s take just one of the above points ‘being the trusted advisor to the client.’ 

This in itself is worth thousands.

And guess what?

Your client will SEE the value of your expert advice far more easily than ‘hey, you get 10 sessions and 20% off.’

Here’s the quick reason why:

10 sessions and 20% off can be copied by literally ANY competitor and makes you comparable to the sea of other professionals in your industry, the good, the bad and the terrible.

On the other hand, being the trusted and expert advisor to the client is literally impossible to copy. There’s not another professional in your community (or industry) who can copy your EXACT expertise, not one.

Hence, just like a rare diamond, it makes you exceptionally valuable. 

Now, imagine adding in the rest of the points I’ve already shared ‘strategy, hitting an agreed goal and access to you etc.’

Can you now see why you SHOULD be charging thousands for what you do?

I’m talking at least two thousands pounds per client, if not significantly more (8K+).

Sure enough, you need to be great at what you do and you need to focus on solving one specific problem (generalists don’t get paid after all).

But, it is possible for you and without even meeting you, I know with complete conviction, you’re not charging even close to enough.

But simply increasing your prices isn’t the answer. 

Knowing why you’re increasing your price and focusing on the right thing, is everything.

You can still have low ticket offers, heck you can still offer things for FREE. 

But, if someone is getting access to you, then you need to remember you are the most valuable asset in your business and NOW is the time to charge like it.

Anyway, if you were looking for a sign to start charging properly, this is it.

Let me know how you do and if you haven’t joined my Ultimate Sales Bootcamp group yet, this is your invite right now. Click here to join.

Now, go charge properly ;).


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