The answer for anybody who wants to sell their product at a higher price, but suffers with asking for the money.

Please note: What I’m about to share is highly proven with thousands of professionals.

Here it is.

Don’t feel guilty for selling the high price solution that SOLVES your client problem.

Feel guilty for selling the low price solution KNOWING it’s not going to solve their problem.


Let’s be real here for a moment, you don’t want to feel guilty in any part of your sales process, but the harsh reality is, an overwhelming percentage of professionals and experts in their field get caught up in their own financial thermostats.

Financial thermostat: Just like a regular thermostat, there’s a temperature you reach where you start to become uncomfortable and then outright unwell (some can sit in a sauna for 30 mins, others have to escape in 30 seconds.)

Your financial thermostat is exactly the same, believe it or not there’s an amount of money you’re comfortable with and then a level where you need to escape the money sauna.

My financial thermostat used to be set at £500. I saw it as a huge amount of money and my sales seldom reached close to this amount (yep, it was a rubbish time for helping my clients and generating any kind of income.)

You may not sweat like you would in the Caribbean sun, but where it gets interesting is, you will start to feel uncomfortable or guilty.

Let’s save the deeper science on this for another time (as there’s so much I want to share, especially on factors such as how financial thermostats change based upon selling your own product or selling someone else’s.)

Instead, let’s ask the outright question: “Do you want to help your client?”

I’m sure the answer is “of course!”

Ok good.

If you want to help your client (as much as you possibly can,) can this be achieved if they invest in a solution that doesn’t solve their problem? Or if they invest in a solution which gives them the ultimate transformation?

Look at this way, if money was no object, what would you do for your client?

Exciting right?

The answer is, money is no object and now with the vast majority of transactions on debit and credit cards, bank transfers and online payments, money is literally digits on a screen.

Money is a man made concept to make trading for goods and services more realistic in the modern economy.

I mean, we couldn’t continue exchanging livestock forever.

Yet, with most of us being raised on beliefs such as:

“Money is hard to find.”

“You have to work hard for money.”

“You have to MAKE money.” (Not sure how we MAKE it by the way?)

We end up making the connection between us and generating sales extremely difficult.

I have no doubt you’re a good person who wants to HELP your client.

So, how do you help them while needing to take their hard earned money from them?

Already, you’re in conflict.

“Hey Mr Client, I want to help you solve X problem, simply pay me £INSERT THOUSANDS OF POUNDS HERE!”

The end result = Feeling guilty as hell and sabotaging the sale.

The ultimate end result = Never fulfilling our potential and staying in a constant state of TRYING to make money our entire career.

Does this sounds familiar?

If it doesn’t, you might be in the exclusive group of people who have overcome their financial thermostat limitations *high five you!

Yet, if what I’m sharing is making perfect sense and you know you could (or should) be offering a solution at £2000 instead of £250, then let’s get the ball rolling for you today.

Let’s remove the guilt completely and lean into a shortcut which means you don’t even need to worry about your own financial thermostat.

The next time you’re with a client or on a consult call, simply forget yourself in that moment and lean into the following statement:

“I’m here to help my client as much as I possibly can. My job is to help them to their ULTIMATE OUTCOME or RESULT.”

Visualise this and only this the entire time you’re with the client.

When you feel any insecurities or financial thermostat limitations pop up, take a breath and lean back into the previous statement.

This might sounds weird, but it’s extremely powerful.

I’ve personally helped thousands of professionals and experts overcome their financial thermostats by using this approach (and a few others.)

The results are profound.

I want the results for both you and your client to be profound too.

No more feeling guilty about selling and instead, igniting your true potential to help every client you see.

Let me know how you do.

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