The biggest problem for most people trying to sell a product or service:

They believe every customer is a “no” and that they need to work like crazy to convince them to move all the way to a “yes.”




Switch this thinking to realising everybody is a “yes” and your whole world will change.

I was lucky to find this out at a super young age.

The rest of my team were struggling to sell even one product, but I had finally started to sell high value solutions and I could double my target for the week, in just a few hours.

My manager pulled me up on this and said “how is it, the rest of the team aren’t even reaching target, but before your first lunch break, you’ve doubled the entire weekly target?”

I could only think of one answer which I remember word for word:

“My clients are already a yes, I just need to meet them.”

And that was it, I knew my clients were a “yes.”

I didn’t judge them by their clothes, watch, attitude, mindset and NO I DIDN’T HAVE TO FIND MY PERFECT CLIENT AVATAR. It was very simple. My clients were a “yes” so my entire persona embodied this.

  • My body language
  • Tone of voice
  • How I shook their hand
  • How I dealt with their BS excuses
  • How I’d lock the door and tell them they weren’t leaving until they made a change (okay, this only happened a few times)
  • How I knew before them if they were going to be flaky and exactly how to turn this around

EVERYTHING, became a “yes.”

My colleagues though who were struggling, you could tell they thought their clients were a “no.”

Working from “no” will crush you.

Working from “yes” will ignite you.

If you’re still struggling with your biz or you’re not selling enough to pay rent, you’re likely working from a place of “no.”

You don’t believe your audience will buy.

You don’t believe your next consultation will really go ahead.

You’re working from a place of “no.”

“No” is extremely hard work.

“Yes” is fun, you’ll say s*** you never even dared to say.

Your entire target audience is already a “yes”, you just need to meet them.


NONE of this will happen,

Until you flick the switch from “no.”

You’ve got this.

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