Have you ever thought “this whole growing my business should be a lot easier Pete?”

This morning I’m sat in a co-working space in West London and a couple of freelancers are sat on the next table talking about how they can market their business more effectively.

It’s great to hear, but also I can’t even keep up with all of their ideas! (Not that I should be eavesdropping anyway.)

This conversation has got me thinking though: “It should be easier!”

It should be easier for them, it should be easier for you Pete.

The following marketing strategies have been brought up in conversation:

  • Start a podcast
  • Don’t start a podcast
  • Run a launch event
  • Don’t run a launch event
  • Create a Facebook group
  • Buy more coffee at £3.50 per cup

So far the only strategy that seems to be working is the coffee (I’ve counted x 2 coffee’s each so far totaling £14!)


I can feel their pain because I’ve been that guy!

I’ve come up with 1000 different ways to market my business and sure some of them worked, but most were epic failures and the one’s that did work I had ZERO clue how they worked or how I could replicate the same success.

Does this sound familiar Pete?

It was only a couple of years ago where I started to truly realise that most of what we try and do in business isn’t even strategic, it’s basically a bunch of tactics with no attachment to a greater strategy.

Translated into English, this means we wind up like a hamster on a wheel running faster and faster with no clue why we’re even running and going nowhere.

But what if business was much more simple than this?

What if your business isn’t about doing more, but actually doing less?

What if right now you’re missing one of the biggest opportunities that is literally sitting under your nose?

The answer.

You are.

In a nutshell…

“Business is about solving an overlooked problem that your target market might not even be aware they’re struggling with.”


Sure, I get it… You might say “oh yeah, business is about solving problems, that’s obvious!”

Actually, solving problems is one thing, but solving an overlooked problem is where the money is truly at and where you can serve the most!


Let’s put this into context, if you’re a personal trainer just telling people you specialise in weight loss puts you in the obvious column and you’ll wind up earning £30 per hour like the 800 million other personal trainers.


Realising that the reason why people can’t lose weight is because we live acidic lifestyles in today’s world immediately gives you a giant edge over pretty much everybody else.

You can start to educate your target market on the exact reasons why despite their efforts to eat right and exercise, they still can’t lose weight. You can obsess over the science behind living an acidic lifestyle full of stress and Netflix versus living an alkaline lifestyle and all of its benefits.

You get the idea.

Your job is not to ‘solve a problem.’

Your job is to solve the overlooked problems your target market has.

This is exactly why when it comes to business, you don’t simply need sales or business training,

This is exactly why instead of having a quick technique to make a sale, you’re far better off looking at the ecosystem of your business and building a robust strategy that’s aligned with your vision. 


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