Want to know how you can charge x 2 to x 1000 for what you do?

“A product is nearly always too expensive, achieving a goal is nearly always cheap. No matter what the price.”

Before I get into the science of sales, I want you to first think which of the following two businesses you’re currently running.
1. Chasing the next sale and hoping things will get better. Even when you have enough clients, it never feels like you’re making enough revenues
2. High paying clients on demand and you can literally choose the clients you want to work with
In the most direct language possible, if you’re stuck in business example number one, you’re running a transactional business.
If you’re wondering what a transactional business is. Here’s a few examples of EXACTLY what it feels like:
– Money goes out as soon as it comes in
– Even when extra money comes in, it feels like it’s only enough to cover the extra bills
– No matter how hard you work, you’re still on the hamster wheel
– You feel like it will never change
– Instead of working strategically, you’re mostly firefighting and working month to month
The reason why I provided the transaction vs transformation diagrams is because I wanted to provide a simple way you can challenge your business model (and beliefs) to move from making transactions, to transforming your clients lives.
Oh yeah – The first rule here, is that you have to want on a deep level to help your clients! If this rule is not adhered to, I can’t help you.
Moving on.
You’ll see in the first diagram, it’s mostly the differences in psychology between selling transactionally vs selling transformations.
There’s far too much I can say about this in a simple post, but I will say the following:
“It’s actually a lot more difficult to continue running a transactional business than it is a transformational one.”
You are literally making life difficult for yourself.
Sure, it’s not as simple as waking up tomorrow and making the shift to transformation and there’s a high probability you’ve been selling transactionally for a while now. So, being realistic, it’s going to take a little bit of time.
It is possible and I have 100% conviction, in a set period of time you can transform your entire business into the… Transformation column.
The second diagram are a few examples from service based industries where I have had a lot of clients and seen the results countless times before.
If you’re a personal trainer selling personal training, you’ll only ever earn what an hours PT is worth. You’ll see by the diagram at most you’re looking at £250 per hour.
Then you need to chase and find people willing to pay you £250!
If you specialise in body transformation (and you can be as niche here as you want.) Suddenly, your fee’s go from £250 per session, to £2000 to even £12,000!
I’ve met personal trainers who sell at an even higher level!
If you work in the beauty industry, selling relaxation you’ll only ever get paid what an hours relaxation is worth. At most, you’ll looking at £150 (if you’re lucky.)
However, selling skin transformation changes the game completely.
Now, you’re selling at £1000 to £8000…. Per CLIENT!
Sure, I can hear already you saying out loud “that’s ridiculous, who sells at £8000?”
This is exact type of limiting mindset that’s stopping you even selling at £500, let alone £8000.
In order for you to sell at a higher level, you must be open to your own personal evolution.
As cliche as it sounds, when I started charging £2000 to £8000 for personal training years ago, my colleagues would say to me “how do you do it?” I would respond that

“For someone to be inspired to buy at that level, they needed to be around an inspirational person.”

To be fair, I still believe this today!
Get out of your own way and be open to YOU being the difference in making the shift from transaction to transformation.
Anyway, I wanted to share this with you and there’s so much more I could say, but instead I’ll leave this with you for now.
Feel free to let me know your thoughts and if you have questions, feel free to ask.
Sure, it’s not a “how to make £100,000 per minute through one weird marketing hack,” but for me (and the many clients I’ve worked with,) it’s a more grounded way to build a highly profitable and successful business.
If you want to find out more on how I have over 1000 hours of learning in the deep foundations of business, with no fluff or BS, drop me a message and ask me about my Business Pro Academy. I’ll be happy to share more.
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