The moment of total freedom is when you realise you need nothing.

“It was 2015 and an ex colleague recommended me to an IT company to do some sales training and consulting for. I was excited for the opportunity and within a couple of days the co-founders reached out to me for a call. I was in a tight spot financially and like usual, I had a tax bill looming. Note this last sentence, I NEEDED the sale. I agreed to jump on a call with the co-founders and within 2 minutes of the call, I realised they were calling all the shots. Why should we pick you? What experience do you have in the IT industry? We need 2 days training, can you deliver on this? Every question they fired at me, my confidence crumbled a little more and I was relieved to get off the call. But it wasn’t done yet, a few minutes later they fired over an email asking for me to put a proposal together, oh and they are speaking to other sales training companies too, so make sure it’s a great proposal.”

Can you see why this whole sale fell apart?

It’s simple, I needed the sale more than they needed the help.

In fact, they felt they had all the options in the world:

  • We’re speaking to other sales training companies
  • Why should we pick you?
  • What experience do you have in the IT industry?

Here’s the reality, I didn’t know the value of my expertise and therefore, I wasn’t able to state my position clearly and this commoditised my entire offer.

I became yet another easily replaceable sales trainer and someone who blended in with the thousands of other options available.

You see, this is the problem I see for 99% of service providers, coaches and consultants.

They don’t know what separates their value from everyone else and they ultimately don’t believe their expertise is their uniqueness and their value.

So, they follow every marketers advice on ‘run challenges, create a course, start a podcast, write a book, grow an Instagram following and who knows what other distraction.

This leads to a lifetime of burnout on the hamster wheel and never feeling clear on our offer.

I know, because I’ve been there and it’s hell.

I accidentally realised the value of my expertise for 2 reasons:

  1. As a personal trainer in my 20s, I only sold at an extremely high level, because I focused on body transformation
  2. Living in London in my 30s, I started to come across clients who needed far more than sales training, so I started making the offer

Without these two very unique experiences, I would still be pushing the rock uphill and wondering why things aren’t working out.

Oh yeah – I forgot to mention 1 other way I saw my value too.

I reflected upon how I specifically helped clients over the years in terms of sales transformation and I realised I had created my own very unique method. I’ll save the discussion on this for another time though as it’s a huge topic.

So, my question to you today is, do you actually need anything?

The answer is no.

You don’t need a sales funnel, you don’t need more TikTok views and you certainly don’t need to go viral.

Sure, all of these things are great and can work, but they tend to work for a tiny percentage, while the rest burnout trying to Instagram their way to success.

In the meantime, becoming the high value and trusted advisor to your client, you need literally nothing more than you.

You likely don’t even need anymore clients than what you have currently.

The caveat, you do need to have an expertise that can help create a significant change and transformation within the life of your client.

I’ve personally worked with hundreds of individuals just like you, where many have only had 10 clients on their books.

But guess what?

By trusting their expertise and trusting their client is ready for a transformation, they’ve made the offer and within a short time, they’re selling at £2000+ or exponentially more.

Imagine how this will change the game for you, when you remove the need to sell your product or service, or the need for anything for that matter.

That is, stepping into your real value and expertise.

Remember you don’t need anything.


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