Let’s jump right to it, you’re meant to run a highly profitable business which helps to transform your clients lives.

Here’s how:

  1. Step into your expertise fully, I mean like on a massive scale!
  2. Make your minimum engagement level 1K (this means your minimum fee to work with you is £1000)
  3. Cut 90% of your services and focus on the 10% that make the biggest difference (Selling 3 things is exponentially easier than trying to sell 10)
  4. Start charging for your advice (you only need to read one of the many times I’ve talked about this to see why this changes the game completely)
  5. Make less sales (did you know the top salespeople make less sales, not more? Yep, it sounds counterintuitive, but most of us are chasing crumbs in our business, making little sales that don’t really go anywhere. Meanwhile, a true expert might only make 25 sales all year, but if these sales are worth 5K, with just 25 sales that individual has generated 125K in revenue, with just 25 clients!)
  6. Become a solution business, not a service one (service businesses will always be tough, because you’re constantly having to sell more services. When you focus on solutions, you’re now solving bigger problems for your clients and this means they’ll invest far more with you)
  7. Do less marketing (yep – believe it or not I can almost guarantee less marketing will generate more profits for you! Why is this? Because you’ll start to focus on the most important thing of all, which is the next tip)
  8. Have more meaningful conversations with your current clients (most of small businesses are so busy chasing NEW clients, they forget there’s tremendous value in serving their current clients on a deeper level. This is always the place to start).
  9. Detach from the money (it sounds counterintuitive, but our focus on money is one of the biggest aspects that’s prevents us from attracting money. When you realise you are the ultimate potential, money becomes more a tool to be enjoyed than something which runs our life).
  10. Detach from the sale (continued from the last point. I’ve been lucky enough to train 30,000+ people in my career in sales and guess what? Those who struggle in sales are the most attached to the sale, those who thrive don’t care if they get the sale or not. The problem is, when we attach our emotions to hearing a “yes” or a “no” we make the sale about our emotions, not the client and we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Yet, when you literally don’t mind if it’s a “yes” or “no” you can now focus fully on helping the client and the conversation changes to being all about the client being the right fit)
  11. Stop convincing people to work with you (continued from point 10, convincing people means you don’t believe the solution is right for the client, so you have to convince them. Yet, when you step back from this mentality, you realise you’re not there to convince anyone, only to ask the right questions and once again, see if the client is the right fit for your solution)
  12. Start selling the results of what you do, don’t even worry about ‘what you do’ (what you do is a commodity, the results you can drive for the client is where your value kicks in. Too many professionals focus on everything they can do for the client and in turn de-value their worth. It’s not about what you can do, but how the client will prosper)
  13. See big money as small money (everyone believes 1K is a lot of money, until they sell at 1K. Everyone believes 5K is a lot of money, until they sell at 5K. So long as you keep seeing figures like 2k, 3k or even 10k as a lot of money, you’ll find it tough to sell. Realise that 5k is a tiny investment in comparison to how your clients life will transform after working with you)
  14. Stop chasing crumbs (the longer I’m in this game, the more I realise that most people struggle because they’re chasing tiny sales all day long, £50, £200, the list goes on. Without realising in order to make any real profits, they need to serve thousands of people per year! A.K.A – Chasing crumbs. When we realise we need less sales but at thousands of pounds per sale, we can now focus and deliver on our expertise)
  15. Solve bigger problems (if you talk about small problems with your client, they’ll invest small money. Yet, when you talk about solving bigger problems, the client will invest thousands)
  16. Become the person you’d invest thousands with (I’m far more proud of who my members become than the sales they make and the reason is simple. Making big sales can happen by accident, but when you become the high value individual, in turn you’re able to sell on demand throughout your entire career)
  17. Realise it’s easy to make money (one of my personal biggest breakthroughs was when I realised I could generate tens of thousands in revenues, pretty much whenever I wanted. It’s only in recent years where I realise how unique this mentality is. Most see making money as extremely difficult, so they prove themselves right all the time. Realise that making money is easy, in fact when someone asks me if they’ll make money with what teach, I always respond and say “that’s the easiest bit of all.”)
  18. State your position with your clients (it amazes me that so many professionals say they want to charge more, but when I ask them if they’ve stated with their clients that they’re focusing on solutions and charging 1K+ they say “oh no, I wouldn’t dare do that.” This in itself doesn’t make sense, your clients can only invest more if you let them know your going to be charging more and focusing on solutions, not services)
  19. Master your consultation (the consultation is the difference between being stuck in a service based business undercharging for the next two decades vs working with clients on a deeper level and being paid thousands, per client. I cannot emphasise enough, mastering your consultation will change the everything for your business)
  20. Stop selling time, session and packages (when you sell per session, you’re selling the commodity of what you do. There’s so many problems with than I can share here, but ultimately it makes you comparable to someone else also offering sessions. The same goes for selling your time and packages too. Instead, focus on the one thing that can’t be copied anywhere else, your expertise and you being the trusted advisor to your client. Let them know, that’s what they’re paying for. This is literally how you can charge X3 to X10 what you’re currently charging)
  21. Whatever you think you should charge, double it! (One of the first ways I help business owners and professionals, is to ask what they think they should charge. 100% of the time, whatever answer they come back with, I ask them to double it and usually add some more. When we realise the more we charge the easier it becomes to sell and serve our clients, why would we ever look back?)
  22. Finally, have fun and stop chasing (this is more of a broad tip, but the reality is, most business owners I meet simply aren’t having fun in their business anymore and this coincides with an overwhelming feeling of constantly chasing the next client, idea or opportunity. This is why, when you read through all of these tips, you may see that all of them are focused on you stepping into your expertise and trusting yourself on a high level, because this is your superpower!)

How are you stepping fully into your expertise in 2022?

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