What you’re about to read is the exact wording you need to overcome ANY objection at the start of your consultation.


When you sit down with your client, as opposed to waiting for them to bring up:

  • How expensive you are
  • Why now isn’t a good time
  • They need to think about it

Or anything else that creates friction in the sale, instead…

You state the following almost immediately:

That’s it.

Word for word in 30 seconds or less, you’ve:

  • Stated clearly you help your clients long term
  • Been transparent that you help your clients to achieve their ultimate goal
  • Shared that you provide a game changing solution, not simply a service
  • That it’s not for everyone and it’s ok if they say yes or no (this is a game changer because it takes the pressure off and helps the client feel like they’re in control of the decision)
  • How much you charge (vital to be 100% transparent of the range, because if they don’t know how much you charge, you’ll run into pricing objections)
  • How long you work with your clients (again, vital to state this clearly so they immediately have this expectation)
  • Stated whatever they decide to do, it’s up to them AND it’s all good by you (another game changer, because it puts the decision in their hands and shows you’re not desperate, because you’re not)
  • Asked them outright if there’s anything stopping them from moving forward
  • Asked if the right answer came along if they’d be willing to go ahead (once your client says out loud they’re ready, this creates the basis of the rest of your consultation and once again, you’re not discussing YOUR solution, you’re asking if the RIGHT answer came along).

There’s actually a lot more psychology here and I’m no way near giving this opener the respect it deserves.

Ultimately though, it means you handle nearly every objection BEFORE you even get started (in 30 seconds or less).

If you’re wondering if this really works in reality, then just ask any of the +1000 business owners who’ve been through my training in the last few months.

There’s a very good reason why I have beauty therapists who could never sell a single product before and now they’re earning more with ONE client, than an entire month working with +100 clients.

There’s a very good reason why personal trainers are earning their entire year salary, in just one sale.

Yes, it really works and it works again and again and again.

Practise the above opener and put it into your TONE of voice, but don’t CHANGE the wording.

When someone says “Pete, I tried your way and it didn’t work” they then quickly follow, they changed a few bits here and there.

Everything above is put into a specific wording in a specific order for reason.

You put your personality into it by your tone of voice, not changing the wording.

Over to you, let me know how you get on with it.

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